Maroo Wildlife Refuge

Set in the picturesque Jarrah and Marri forests of the South West of Western Australia, Manjimup.

Maroo has set about creating a refuge where Injured or Orphaned native animals are brought to recover and to be rehabilitated for release back to the wild --where they belong.

Jo a registered Veterinary Nurse in Wildlife care and her husband Glen, a Marine Engineer, are the founders of Maroo Wildlife Refuge Inc.

A brief history:

Maroo was purchased in 2006 as we wanted to leave the city life and move to the country where we could both pursue our work with Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation as our then current 6 acres in Perth was becoming too small. Both of us new we wanted to move to the Southern Forest area as we were interested in working with and protecting this pristine area with its unique Australian Wildlife. Manjimup was also our first choice as Jo has a connection as it was where she remembers best as a child. She remembers Swimming at fonties pool and spending may holidays picking field mushrooms from farmer’s paddocks. Jo grew up in the city but 3 generations of her family before her were settled in Manjimup. Her great grand parents on both sides were part of first settlement in the area. Jo and

Glen have together been wildlife rehabilitators for over 20 years.

Glen brings his Engineering and Jack of all trades skills to oversee the construction and day to day running of the Refuge.  Jo has been a  registered Veterinary Nurse for over 20 years and has also worked at the Perth Zoo  as a Wildlife Vet Nurse. Jo has also worked with Murdoch University teaching Veterinary Students. She has participated in volunteer work including remote regions with Department of Parks and Wildlife [DPaW] for over 10 years.

In 2010 it was time to take our commitment to the next level. We sold our Perth property where our wildlife work had been going on for many years and started to plan our transition to Manjimup. 2010 was also when “Maroo Wildlife Refuge Inc” was 1st registered as a not for profit organization.

Whats happening  now:

Fabricating new Enclosures and Buildings to facilitate our passion for preserving Australian Wildlife are currently being carried out. One of our challenges was for an Education Room so we could hold Presentations and Educational courses. Training is virtually non-existent in the South West of the State and Maroo plans to change this. We have created Education Programs for interested groups and individuals who can come and learn about our wonderful locality of Perup and meet the many animals that are in our care. Education groups basing their day courses from our Centre will also be welcomed.

Maroo applied to Lotteries West for a grant late in 2010 and we were successful in the application. Outdoor World [Manjimup] has been able to fabricate this room within budget. This $20,000 asset is one that we are extremely proud of.

Education Room

Multi purpose enclousure


Buston Blue Silicone Teats:

Supporters of Maroo, Burston Blue Silicone Wildlife Teats donates money towards the ongoing costs of  running the Refuge. 

Developed and manufactured by Glen, these teats are suitable for all wildlife and we now have a very extensive range including Flange Teats, Normal Teats, Syringe Teats and also Comforters.

These teats were designed to feel like the natural mothers teat, so are soft and more acceptable to young wildlife, encouraging the natural suckling instinct.



Maroo is very fortunate to have a fantastic team, dedicated members and great volunteers which helps Maroo achieve the very best in native animal care. 

Woylie using a burston blue

Maroo Volunteers