Some of the Animals of Maroo


Gracie is a Woylie aslo known as a Brush-tailed Bettong and her scientific name is Bettongia penicillata.

She is an orphan and has come into the refuge to be raised and when old enough will be returned back to the wild. We will update her progress from time to time.

Gracie has now been released

You can vist her at the Whiteman Park Woodland Reseve which has a predator proof enclosue.

She will have a happy and Productive life.



Eddy is also an Western Grey Kangaroo.

Eddy came to us after being to 3 other rehabilitators.  He was a little underweight and had some health issues when he arrived. Eddy was very clingy but with time and care he has developed into a wonderfully healthy male kangaroo.  He is quite independent now and enjoys his days with his best friend Daisy.

Both are now Released


Donald is a Western Ring Tail Possum.  His scientific name is Pseudocheirus occidentalis.


Donald arrived at the refuge after his mother had been killed.  He was 150gms when he arrived,  he was a very easy young possum to raise as he took to handfeeding very easliy.  Donald stayed with us thru his entire growing period, moving thru his stages of release with ease.  He was successfully released into a reserve when he was 800gms.  Good luck Donald, we loved being part of your recovery.


Rodney is a bobtail lizard also called a shingleback or his scientific name of

Tiliqua rugosa.

He is one of Maroo's education animals. His mum came into the rescue centre and he was born during her stay. Alyssa,  one of our volunteers, is responsible for handling him and preparing him for life as an education reptile. Alyssa is enjoying her role preparing Rodney. He will be a good representation of his species. He certainly has personality.

Did you know he was 1/3 of his mothers weight when born and Bobtails are born alive.  


She is a Western Grey Kangaroo. She came into the refuge  at 3kg. Her mother was hit by a car but Daisy was uninjured.  The future looks bright for her as she is a very strong willed joey with natural instincts.. She will be partnered up with other Joeys her own age and when ready will go into our release program for eventual life back in the wild.



Is a Woylie. She came into the refuge  at 90gms. She was very dehydrated when she arrived but has a very strong Fighting Spirit.

She has been putting on weight consistently and at 550gms has been moved out to our new Woylie Enclosure. Here she will stay, with very little human contact, until she is approx 900gms and then will be released.

She is a very unique individual and has even met the Environment Minister.  

Igy has now moved on to a breeding colony as her genitics are very rare and we hope she has a very productive life.    



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