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We strive to make our training days both interesting and challenging. We are constantly finding ways to challenge your thinking and encourage you to think laterally and outside of the box. The courses are run by Jo Burston RVN, Wildlife Veterinary Nurse [Over 20 years experience] and DePW Registered Wildlife Rehabilitator

If you are an individual and interested in participating in any of our Training Days please contact Jo- 0409086973 or email - to register your interest. All courses are run from Maroo Wildlife Refuge, Manjimup.


Corporate, Organisations and Groups:

If you are in an Organisation, Group or a Corporation and have a number of people who are interested in one of our Training Days, we can organise a Time and Date to suit at the centre, or we can come to you. 

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Wildlife Handling, Safety, Transport and First Aid


Find out all you need to know on what being a rehabilitator is all about. If you think you may like to care for wildlife, but don’t know where to start, or are you just wanting to know what you do if you come across wildlife that is injured or abandoned, then this day is for you.  

This training will cover what to do when you first arrive at injured wildlife, how to handle and transport it safely and administer first aid. This training day covers Birds, Reptiles and Kangaroos.  Included is a tour of Maroo’s facilities – meet and greet our education animals.



Handling and Capture Techniques in the field

We will look at how we can assess different scenarios in the field and make a plan for a safe and stress-free capture. We will be looking at the tools we can use in doing a safe capture and the pros and cons of using them in different scenarios. This Training Day will have a theory and a hands on component conducted in our bush enviroment.


Cost $30.00 for the day includes morning tea and a Certificate of Participation

Wound Care and Bandaging

This training day will simplify what can be a very daunting process of assessing and managing wounds. You will be taught about various bandaging techniques and wound care to be used in your initial first aid treatment. This course has a theory and a hands on component. 


Cost $30.00 for the day including morning tea and a Certificate of Participation

Fluid Treatment, Art of injecting and Medicating

For those who have been doing wildlife for a while this is a course that will increase your knowledge and assist in perfecting the art of injecting, medication and fluid treating. Lots of tips from years of hands on experience.  We will work on your skills, allowing you lots of practice time. 


Cost $30.00 for the day inluding morning tea and Certificate of Participation

Bandaging, Crop feeding and Tubing

You will cover how to apply a simple supportive splint in a range of wildlife. Understand the reasons why we crop feed and learning hands on the techniques needed to make it a safe procedure. Learn the skills to safely and effectively tube feed and why. Theory component and lots of hands on practice.


Food Preparation and Enclosure set ups

What do I feed?  - Health and wound healing depends greatly on the food you feed our wildlfie. Feeding an ill thought out diet can effect the animals best chances for survival and release.

How do I feed it? - If wildlife in your care is not familiar with the food that you give it or the way that you present it they may simply not feed.  We will cover scinarios and different tricks to getting animals to feed.

How do I house it?​- If wildlife is not housed appropriately it can cause stress and even death.  Learn how to make an enviroment that will stimulate natural behaviour and at the same time make our wildlife emotionally happy. 

We will cover Birds, Reptiles and Mammals  Theory and Hands on training..


Care and Rehabilitation of Birds

If you want to care for injured wildlife or own a pet bird this training day will have something for you.

What to do if you find an injured bird (first aid)

Hand raising and feeding baby birds including hands on crop feeding

Care and keeping adult birds including hands on component

Preparation for release of wild birds

Trainer: Jo Burston

Over 20 years Experienced Wildlife Vet Nurse


 COST $30- includes morning tea and Certificate of Participation

Care and Rehabilitation of Reptiles and Turtles


​Weather you want to rehabilitate reptiles or are an owner of reptiles

 this course will cover all aspects of reptile care including bobtail, skinks, monitors, dragons, freshwater turtles and pythons.


Enclosure set up and husbandry

Feeding your reptile

Handling and First aid including wound care

Rehydration methods

Preparation for release

Note- this course is very interactive and will include on hand components.

Cost $30 - includes morning tea and Certificate of Participation

Care and Rehabilitation of mammals and macropods
  • We will cover all aspects of caring for small and large macropods from what to do if you find a joey to raising them successfully to release.  

  • What to do if you find an orphaned joey

  • Problem solving in the first 24 hours

  • Raising that pouch young

  • Managing older joeys and associated problems

  • First aid and medicating

  • Housing and set ups

  • Feeding through the developing stages

  • Preparing for release.


Cost $30 - includes morning tea and Certificate of Participation




Cure V Prevention


We need to ask the question?  If our  joeys get sick are we contributing to the cause and if so how do we identify the problem and prevent it.


We will work thru stages of development and pinpoint some of the issues that may occur.


We work through some case studies and see what effect good preventative management can have on the outcome.


Cost $30 - Includes morning tea and Certificate of Participation.. 

Final Stage – Release
Covering Mammals, Macropods, Birds and Reptiles

How can we prepare our wildlife for the best outcome  once released? How can we increase their chances of surviving once released? We will explore enviromental aspects that can enhanse release outcomes. We will look at the behaviour of certain species and how we can instil their natural instincts before release.


Training days are run at Maroo Wildlife Refuge but we can also organise to come to you for a group or business training day.

Days start at 9am and end at 3pm.  Morning Tea/Coffee is included.


Thank you for supporting our wildlife.



Please contact us for more information or to book your place.

email:   or phone Jo on 0409086973 


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