The Refuge Wish List 

-Small Fridge for Medications

-Anti Slip flooring for the Clinic Room and Education Room

-2 Pole saws for cutting Fodder

-Feed: Sunflower Seed, Lucerne Chaff, Cockatoo Seed, Pellets, etc

-6x4 Tipping trailer for enclosure rubbish removal and fodder collection

-2 Digitally controlled wildlife Heat Box's

-Cement both Quickset and nomal

-Mulch, sand and gravel

-4 wheel buggy with a tipping tray an ATV type-- well we did say its a wish list

-4kms of Vermin Proof fencing 

-Fuel Vouchers for our Volunteers and also our currently run Private Rescue Vehicle  

-Steel for Enclosure's

-What can you offer or assist us with?


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Manjimup Stock Feeds

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John Palmer [Photographer]

Registered with Department of Parks and Wildlife 






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