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BUSY BEE PARTICIPATION – Every few months Maroo would like to hold a busy bee for the day.  Volunteers would participate in various projects which could include – Gardening, cleaning, general tidying up, fencing, building or painting. We appreciate our volunteers help and only wish them to do what they can, at their pace.  These busy bees are valuable for us, as it allows us to continue to grow Maroo and present the Refuge in a professional way.  Volunteers experience and input in any of these areas is most valued and welcomed.  The day also is an opportunity to get together and socialise and meet like-minded individuals.


SPECIAL PROJECTS – Throughout the year there will be a couple of special projects that will be coming up.

We would like to find a couple of volunteers that have building/fabrication experience. These volunteers need to be able to operate equipment that is required to build in steel. Welding experience would also be an advantage. With the addition of new enclosures and your valued contribution we will be able to increase our holding capacity. All Maroo’s enclosures are built to a standard that presents us in a professional way. The day is also an opportunity to get together and socialise and meet like-minded individuals.

DROP OFF STATIONS We would like a list of volunteers in the Pemberton, Walpole, Northcliffe, Bridgetown, Greenbush and Balingup areas. They would be part of the Maroo family who could take wildlife overnight from their areas and give these animals basic first aid, until they can be picked up or delivered to Maroo or our local Manjimup Vet Clinic. We would require these volunteers to first complete the ‘WILDLIFE SAFETY, HANDLING AND FIRST AID COURSE”. Once this is done we can help you get started as one of our Drop off stations.

Why is your role important? Many times we get calls from outside our local area and are unable to get the animal delivered or picked up until the next day. Up until now, we have asked the finder to keep the animal overnight until we can arrange pick-up or they can drop it off. Unfortunately a great majority of these animals simply do not make it to the next day and we would like to change that outcome. So with your training and help we can make a difference saving a greater number of our wildlife. You will only need a small pet carry pack and set up which we will help you with.




DRIVERS – Volunteers are needed in the Manjimup, Pemberton, Walpole, Northcliffe, Bridgetown, Greenbush and Balingup areas that would be part of the Maroo family. You would be required to pick up wildlife from the Drop off Stations in your area and deliver to either Maroo or the Manjimup Vet Hospital. You would also pick up from Maroo, take wildlife patients to their vet appointments then return the animal to Maroo. Due to the distance we need to travel in the country we find it extremely stressful that we cannot always leave the Refuge and take care of all the pickups. With your help we can stay and look after the animals in our care and put our time to where it is in greatest need. You may only get a call once a week or once a month, it is your choice, either way, it would be a great help to us. This job also is an opportunity to get together and socialise and meet like-minded individuals.


FUNDRAISING - Do you have creative ideas?  Do you love organising and socialising, we would love to have you on our fundraising team. Our team meets once every 2 months.  

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