Burston Blue Teats

Burston Blue Wildlife Teats donates money to Maroo Wildlife Refuge that goes towards day to day running costs. Maroo is a not for profit organisation. We require your generosity to help the wildlife.

Burston Blue Teats

Burston Blue Silicone Wildlife Teats have been specifically designed by Glen and Jo for native wildlife in mind. They are made from silcone making them strong, safe and easy to clean. After a lot of research and trails they came up with a teat that is great for wildlife rehabilitation and with the bright burston blue colour it will never go missing again. The colour does not influence the wildlife feeding. Actually wildlife prefer these because they are much like the natural mothers teat.

Glen was the 1st person in Australia to make these unique Silicone Teats in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit most young wildlife.


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Feeding a very young Woylie with a mini-syringe teat.